Pom pom garden flowers

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Pom pom garden flowers

Lionel Bommarito has planted the season's first flowers and herbs in a central London garden. The market gardener from Wimbledon used wicker baskets and pots from Seed Savers Exchange, which brings high-quality organic seeds and plants to their members across the USA. He has planted some vegetables, including squash and lettuce, and also included some aromatic herbs and edible flowers. Bommarito, who has been growing vegetables in the garden since 2011, had become frustrated at the number of people walking past the garden without seeing its beauty, which is why he placed a notice on a nearby tree to ask fellow Londoners to come and visit. Read more

Sagehurst. London gardeners have lots of ways to grow their own, from harvesting the yummy-looking scarlet runner bean tops to growing or buying them in a nearby shop. But growing vegetables is another option and there are lots of ways to do it, including growing in a window box or on a balcony. And people are going back to growing their own, with some gardeners even creating small vegetable patches inside their homes to grow all their vegetables. Jars of seed that have been tucked away in the cupboards since they were last sown, or picked out of a garden for just a few weeks, will do just as well as the freshest seeds if you forget to buy them in this summer. "Most things are long dormant," says Robin Jewell, head of horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew. "People need to take things out of cold storage and get them into active growing quickly. Most of the veg they'll use in summer will be ready to plant out next year.The root veg is the exception, though - they should be brought in and got started soon." You can use any of the seed that's here to sow, and you could even see what's growing in the window boxes in your own garden. "Lots of small seedlings in lots of garden boxes on windowsills will provide year-round interest," says Jewell. You can also look on the web for the best places to buy seed and seedlings for the UK. Here are some of our favourite UK-based seed sellers....a-means-apple...aperture...arrowhead...bulbs...carrot...codling moth...compost....earwigs...geraniums...Grimoire frumenty, blue rosette....Great Neck kitchen, American Cancer Society, scamp...satellite dishes...scarlet runner beans.....scented geraniums,...tea plants....Heirloom seeds...grown just for you. Here are some of our favourite UK-based seed sellers......things you might not think of as seeds....Greenhouses London has lots of organic and heirloom vegetables to pick, sow and share. More of our favourite seed sellers...have a go and see what you can grow...Daflos Manchester sells seeds and plants and is located in an old sweet factory in an industrial corner of the city. The roots are growing quickly. The rhubarb looks like a frost but is not actually frost. Robin Jewell thinks it's probably lots of plants coming up at once. The best things to get for free. If you have a spare window box, pot or a gap in a plant bed, then it would be worth just leaving these seeds there as they will come up for you next year. Sow a selection of these tasty crops such as strawberries, scampi garlic and rocket in the next few weeks and pick them when they are in their best shape in autumn. A box of homegrown seeds will make a great Christmas gift for someone. Sow a selection of edible crops such as rocket, peas and scampi garlic in pots or a window box in early spring.A selection of homegrown seeds will make a great Christmas gift for someone.......Aylett Seeds Ormskirk, Lancs Cumbria (or Porthole for bulk and cheap but poor germination). The seeds that are best are sown in March, April and May and do not need stratification in cold frame. They like the shade of a tree but will grow in a sunny position too. 100+ varieties of self-seeded edible vegetables, such as leeks, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, spinach, chard

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