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This list is for Maine grown plants intended for planting only and does not include regulations on shipments of seeds, fruit, or other plant parts not intended for planting. Plant material grown in other states may be subject to other requirements. Plants must be healthy and free of insects and diseases. State regulations related to specific plant species and plant pests are listed below. If you would like information on shipping plants internationally contact the Horticulture Program ,Some states, including Maine, have created invasive plant lists that prohibit the sale of certain plants.

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Chill hours: average and actual

Phone: Fax:Today, that program, now called DowGives, grants funds in communities throughout the United States, including Knoxville, where Dow has a presence. The CAP is an open forum for community representatives and the local Dow facility to discuss the goals, activities and concerns of both the local plant and the surrounding community. The CAP is responsible for identifying a focus for the grant, requesting proposals, evaluating grant applications and, ultimately, awarding the grant to the winning non-profit organization.

To determine the focus for DowGives in our community, the CAP recently polled community leaders to identify the most pressing local need. The response from local leaders was clear: community land use projects that involve: beautification, greenways, parks, neighborhood cleanup, neighborhood involvement and community pride, historical preservation and environmental improvement.

The target communities for the DowGives grant are programs or projects located within a three-mile radius of the Dow Knoxville operations which includes the communities of Fort Sanders, Lonsdale, Mechanicsville and West View.

Apply for DowGives: Details on the criteria and timetable used to evaluate your application. This section also includes a link to download a blank copy of the grant application form in Word as well as instructions for submitting your completed application. The following will give you some perspective of the types of programs we have funded in the communities of Fort Sanders, Lonsdale, Mechanicsville and West View since the Community Grant program formerly called Community Partnership Initiative or CPI was launched inThe Pond Gap Elementary School Community Garden has evolved into a thriving Food Forest - a living oasis serving as an access point for the public to explore edible woodland ecosystems, and has grown a vigorous plant based healthy cooking education program for students, utilizing organic Food Forest produce.

This space will double as a venue for a Farm Stand to distribute harvested produce to the community. Students at the school will learn to use produce scales to weight and measure the harvested food and help with the distribution of the produce to family and community members from the Farm Stand. With the addition of permanent signage that will outline the garden to table process, the DOW Gives Grant will bring this project to a brand new tier of excellence and forward acting food justice.

As a trusted part of the East Knoxville community, the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center serves thousands of community members each month. An outdoor cooking space will increase the function and use of the outdoor space for cooking classes and community events. DOW funding will be used to remove diseased trees and overgrown plantings; prune and shape trees; conduct soil testing; create a planting plan; and purchase and install new plant materials in the existing beds.

Built in and housing three generations of the same family from , the Mabry-Hazen House served as headquarters for both Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War.

This stately, elegant home of the Victorian and Civil War periods showcases one of the largest original family collection in America. These improvements will help the Foundation to increase its financial sustainability through increased facility rentals, additional memberships, and increased community use. Dogwood Arts Festival beautification project for the Lonsdale, Mechanicsville, Ft Sanders and West View neighborhoods is a special project under its currently established Bazillion Blooms program.

The Grant money was used to purchase, promote and distribute 1, dogwood trees in the above designated neighborhoods. Residents were asked to contact the office to sign up for a tree s on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Each residence will be allotted up to three dogwood trees for planting. On December 7th, the participating residents gathered at Knoxville College to pick-up their tree s and learn the correct procedures for planting and maintenance.

Additionally, Dogwood Arts will partner with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of East TN to plant a percentage of the dogwood trees provided through this project in the neighborhood parks and recreational areas.

This will maximize community exposure while providing the local scouts with learning and badge opportunities.This effort will build community pride and will lead to a positive impact on their property.

The increase of planting of April-blooming, disease-resistant Dogwood trees in the Fall will help to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the above regions. Also, it will help to restore the Dogwood tree population to its former vitality. Zoo officials will train students to be "citizen scientists" at new pollination gardens at five urban schools.

The gardens will be stocked with native plants to attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects. From there, zoo officials will teach students to collect data on the life cycle of plants and insects in the gardens. Once compiled locally, students will then submit the information to a nationwide study. Dow Chemical's Knoxville site leader called the project a "natural fit" for the organization, given their commitment to preparing the next generation of scientific innovators.

Surrounded by an urban community, the site is located on the former property of these two historic nurseries. The Howell family's nursery business was originally established in and the gardens represent a significant cultural landscape in Knoxville's history. The grounds feature distinctive stone walls and buildings constructed by Joe Howell's employees.

Over 20, people visit the garden each year. The grant was used to enhance the visitor center complex with signage and facility improvements. Signage will improve visibility for all guests along the highly visible entry points to the garden.

Through community gardening and nutrition education, Beardsley Farm engages and supports economically disadvantaged residents in the Mechanicsville, Lonsdale and Beaumont communities. In addition, the farm supplies several local organizations and food banks with free, fresh produce to support their clients. Due to lack of adequate funding, the food pantry was forced to cease operations. Beardsley Farm offered to fill the void temporarily.

This project was selected so that Beardsley Farm could permanently support the Fort Sanders community with fresh produce. Funds were used to:. This National Historic Landmark is known as the birthplace of Tennessee's statehood as William Blount wrote the state constitution in his office just behind the mansion.

An interior and exterior painting renovation project was needed to protect the structure against the threat of excessive moisture and deterioration. This project was chosen to preserve a significant historic downtown landmark and so that the Blount Mansion Association could continue to provide educational programming and tours to school-aged children, citizens, and tourists for many years to come.

The paints that were used for this project have The Dow Chemical Company additives in them. A butterfly garden was created as part of the grant money. This project was chosen because of its continuous commitment to the community and the local impact it has in the community. Old North Knoxville, Inc. ONK was incorporated inThe original purpose of the non-profit organization was to stop deterioration of the varied and significant architecture of the area and to improve the quality of life in the inner city neighborhood to address the socioeconomic issues affecting the community.

Neighborhood parks are an essential part of the long term health of inner city neighborhoods. The grant was used to create a park that took 2 overgrown abandoned lots and put them back into productive use for residents of all ages by providing a pleasant, safe place for neighborhood children.

Items found in the park are gazebos, walkways, play sets, benches, horseshoe pit, and many various plants along with edgings around the park.

The Fort Dickerson entrance and view shed corridor restoration project will improve pedestrian accessibility to the earthen fort as well as upgrade the view shed corridor of Knoxville.Since receiving the grant, they have celebrated its grand opening and received ongoing and significant support from other donors and volunteers. The group seeks to promote community-wide awareness of the issues facing area residents and businesses. They also seek ways to make more opportunities available to residents and groups to own and operate business enterprises in economically depressed areas.

This beautiful oasis for Mechanicsville and all the business neighbors provides use and enjoyment for years to come. Established in , The West View Community Action Group strives to create and preserve a community that is safe, clean and livable. The group works in the areas of land use, schools, economic development and transportation. In , the West View Elementary School playground was closed and torn down for safety reasons. Due to this lack of recreational areas the children stayed inside.

The grant ensured the rebuilding of the playground area and the implementation of new educational programs such as Primary Learning Back to Basic, which focuses on helping children build self-esteem and self-confidence. In addition, the school now has the opportunity to expand a small garden program on campus to start an outreach program with the local community.

With a mission to develop and maintain the park as a wildlife sanctuary, Ijams seeks to increase knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the natural world by providing quality environmental educational programs and nature-related experiences for all people. Ijams used the grant for various projects, beginning with cleaning up Mead's Quarry in December when they received the first CPI grant.

In subsequent years, restoration projects included clean-ups, parking lot and entrance construction, trails and a wildlife habitat. Please be sure to carefully read the overview of the grant program and directions before completing your application below.

Dow will accept only one application per organization.If an organization applies for more than one grant, regardless of grant amount, the organization will be disqualified for consideration for all grants for which it has applied. This is because the Dow Gives Grant Program is intended to maximize the distribution of funding from Dow to the areas in which it provides the highest value to communities.

Each submitting organization, therefore, is asked to prioritize its projects and submit only one application per year for the program that provides the greatest impact and meets the greatest need. No, grant winners must wait 3 years after the year of winning the first grant before being eligible to apply again for the grant. Not at this time. When you secure the remaining funds required, you may apply for consideration in the Dow Gives Grants Program.

This helps ensure that the funding provided through this program will be utilized as outlined in the project proposal and the funds go to community groups that have researched their project and already secured other community support as required. The Dow Chemical Company Foundation guidelines do not allow for the funding of projects related to transportation.

All DowGives Grant projects must be completed within 1 year of the date of the Grant Decision which is listed below for each year winner. If the project cannot be completed within this time frame, a discussion with Dow representatives must be conducted to determine next steps, which may include a requirement for the organization to re-pay the grant funding as well, Organizations with unfinished grant projects are not eligible for further Dow funding until the project is complete.

A selection committee comprised of community members from representatives of the Knoxville Community Advisory Panel will review the applications and provide scores based on how well the project meets the grant program criteria.

They will then meet to discuss and select the successful project s.Site visits of the project may be included in the grant process.

Scoring process is attached. This scoring process is only one part in the selection process. Print off a copy of the entire grant application to ensure that you have all of the required documents and information needed to complete the application.

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Regenerative meat farms near me

Green farms co. The produce is fresh, local and often organic. The Company distributes fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, tortillas, and other related products. The New Forest square miles of ancient forest and heathland with an abundance of wildlife is just waiting to be explored, right on the doorstep of our park. Farm Location. The farm features a Roadside Market most Saturdays from 10a-4p selling their non-gmo, pasture-raised eggs and seasonal Liberty Farms, Cheffo Farms Certified Organic vegetables, pastured chicken, egg, and grass-fed lamb from Columbia County, New York. Green are the current owners and operators of the firm.

Download Apple Tree Farm Press Out free book PDF Author: Stephen Cartwright Pages: ISBN: Format: Epub, PDF File size: Mb.

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John Chapman September 26, — March 18, , better known as Johnny Appleseed , was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania , Ohio , Indiana , Illinois and Ontario , as well as the northern counties of present-day West Virginia. He became an American legend while still alive, due to his kind, generous ways, his leadership in conservation , and the symbolic importance he attributed to apples.He was also a missionary for The New Church Swedenborgian [1] and the inspiration for many museums and historical sites such as the Johnny Appleseed Museum [2] in Urbana, Ohio. His birthplace has a granite marker, and the street is now called Johnny Appleseed Lane. Chapman's mother, Elizabeth, died in shortly after giving birth to a second son, Nathaniel Jr. His father, Nathaniel, who was in the military, returned in to Longmeadow, Massachusetts , where, in the summer of , he married Lucy Cooley. According to some accounts, an year-old John persuaded his year-old half-brother Nathaniel Cooley Chapman to go west with him inThe duo apparently lived a nomadic life until their father brought his large family west in and met up with them in Ohio. The younger Nathaniel decided to stay and help their father farm the land.


Kit Backgrounds. As administrators for this project, we have not investigated and can make no guarantee that the genealogical information is accurate. We would urge any interested party to scrutinize all available data carefully before drawing any conclusions. Kit Background Description Claims or Quests.

Tennessee boasts the country music capital of the world, so perhaps it is no surprise that rural life is a prominent feature of the state.

One dead in crash that closed section of John Sevier Highway

These support a competitive grantmaking process in broad, charitable areas such as arts and culture, community development, education, or youth-at-risk. These funds allow the Foundation flexibility in serving a particular donor interest while engaging community volunteers in the decision-making process. Laura J. Funds established by a family, an individual donor, or in many cases a group of citizens wanting the services and opportunities offered by having a local community foundation.In general, affiliate funds are established to serve a specific geographical area such as a county or multiple counties. Assets for affiliate funds are developed through the leadership of local citizens partnering with ETF to build endowment and grantmaking funds restricted to the defined geographic area.

Sc forestry foundation

We hope the information you find here will be helpful. Denton knoxschools. Below is a list of grant, donation and competition opportunities available for schools and teachers. Please contact us for assistance in locating funding opportunities for specific needs as well as technical assistance in planning for, writing, editing or reviewing grant applications before they are submitted. If the deadline below has passed, watch for updated deadlines to be posted as available for next year. If you know of other opportunities, please contact Laura Denton at Laura. Calvin K.

knox county master gardeners In addition, the program trains volunteers to conduct and soils, trees, flowers, lawns, fruits and vegetables, entomology.

Certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require advance reservations. Some restaurants are currently offering pickup only. The park has been renovated to include beautiful lawns, walkways, and water features. The innovative fountains and geysers attract visitors looking to cool off in summer, and the manicured lawns serve as the venue for festivals and live performances year-round.

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Northern catalpa is a medium-sized tree with a short trunk and several large, ascending branches and a narrow, rounded crown. Leaves are simple, opposite or in threes, egg-shaped with an abruptly pointed tip, 6—12 inches long, margin mostly smooth; upper surface dark green, smooth; lower surface paler, hairy; mildly scented when crushed; turn yellow in fall. Twigs are stout, brittle, green to purplish, hairy; becoming light orange or brown and smooth with age.Flowers May—June; in upright, pyramidal clusters 4—8 inches long; flowers bell-shaped, 2 inches long, white, showy, attractive, and fragrant; throat with yellow spots and dark lines; lower lobe with a notch in the center.

The law that established the state's highest tribunal had been passed by the General Assembly during the previous year. However, the court's evolution can be traced back to a court established to try men accused of land fraud at the expense of former Continental Line soldiers.

But sometimes you might want to dial it down a notch or two on the adventure scale. You might have young kids in tow, accessibility issues, or just want to take it easy. Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum. An orchard was planted on this tract by David Wessel of Buncombe County, North Carolina, and he began selling fruits and vegetables from his family farm. While many post-Revolutionary War pioneers settled in East Tennessee, many also continued west. Wessel provided passing settlers with seeds and small plants needed to start their own farms. In the s, one of his descendents attended the University of Tennessee studying landscape design and particularly enjoyed stonework.

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