Replacing Pavers With Concrete

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Transforming Our Patio by Changing the Pavers to Concrete

After 14 years of pavers on our patio, we decided to switch to a concrete surface. The pavers looked great at first, but over the years, became prone to mold and had weeds coming up between them.

This switch from pavers to concrete was part of our project to expand our screen room. In Florida, the weather is great for outdoor living, so we wanted a bigger space and one that was easier to take care of.

Below, you'll find out what was involved in switching from the original pavers to a new patio of concrete. Although it took some time, we enjoy our outdoor living space more now. We no longer need to spray chemicals on weeds or have to pressure wash to remove mold.

This photo essay doesn't include the removal of the screen room or the construction of the new one. It covers the removal and replacement of the patio surface.

How to Replace Patio Pavers With Concrete

  1. First, you'll learn how to remove the old pavers. Learn about our process below.
  2. For the next step of pouring concrete, you'll need to pick a dry, warm day.
  3. Third, you'll find instructions for smoothing the concrete and drawing lines or adding expansion joints.
  4. Lastly, learn how to finish the surface of the concrete.

Moldy Pavers

Removing the Old Pavers

We started the removal ourselves, so that a friend could have some of the pavers for her patio. It was hard work with inadequate tools (a trowel, crowbar, and a shovel)

Wait for a Sunny, Warm Day

The time between removing the pavers and getting the concrete poured was several weeks. Rain every day delayed the project. Then we had several days of fine weather but the concrete companies were behind schedule.

Finally, our turn came and the rains held off. The concrete was poured in one day and smoothed for drying.

Pour the Concrete

It took a full crew to spread the concrete as it was pumped to the patio.

Smoothing the Poured Concrete

As the concrete was poured into each section of the patio, a worker with a long, very long, pole smoothed the surface.

Now the Concrete Has to Dry

Cutting Lines or Expansion Joints in the Concrete

Finishing the Surface

The upright worker has a hopper filled with the CoolDeck solution and he's spraying it on the concrete. The worker who's leaning down has a trowel to spread and flatten it. He's wearing spikes strapped on his shoes to avoid treading on the wet glop.

Do You Have a Patio of Pavers or Concrete?

Did You Know There Was This Much Work Involved?

Questions & Answers

Question: Is that a drain for the water in the last picture in the article on replacing pavers with concrete, or an expansion joint?

Answer: Right where the shadow falls on the pavers in the picture is a drain. Those are put near the house to keep water from backing up towards the house in a heavy rain. There are ones also around the perimeter of the paving (about a foot or so in from the edge) to allow drainage.

Question: Is it worth the cost to have that CoolDeck finish put on the concrete?

Answer: Having your patio concrete coated with a finish of CoolDeck is worth every penny in my opinion. Even on the hottest days, I can walk out there barefooted without the pavement scorching my feet. It also cuts down on the reflected heat that normally pavement exudes which makes your house hotter. CoolDeck, I think, actually saves us on cooling costs in the house as we don't get reflected heat on our windows.

Brenie's House Sitting & More on July 12, 2017:

Wow Virginia, I cant wait to see once you have returned all your beautiful plants and accessories!

Becca on July 06, 2017:

We are fortunate that our Captiva model home came with concrete and not pavers on the lanai. We do plan on staining the concrete in the future. I had never heard of 'coolant' on the lanai. Enjoy your new lanai!

Kathy Glascott on July 02, 2017:

I hope you enjoy your new patio.

Virginia Allain (author) from Central Florida on July 02, 2017:

Pat, we'll just have the screen room over the paved area. The part closest to the house has a roof though. We've liked how the pavers looked but it's such a nuisance to pull up the tiny weeds sneaking up between the pavers or to spray them with poisons. If you are gone for a 2-week vacation, you come back to knee-high weeds on the patio.

Pat Jedrick on July 02, 2017:

interesting...In my neighborhood every one is switching from concert to pavers.... all of it still has to be power washed eventually. .... Will you have an awning or porch cover?

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