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Roses continue to be one of the most popular flowers in Oklahoma. Many roses are considered high maintenance landscape plants, however several varieties and species exist that are carefree, easy to grow, and look wonderful in the landscape. While cultural details vary among rose species and growers, the following cultural procedures should help you produce good quality plants. Begin their culture by choosing a proper planting site. An open, sunny planting site protected from strong wind is preferable for roses.

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The Easy Way to Grow Roses

The new shoots in spring will tell you where the plant is strongest. If you prune too early, late frosts could shock tender new shoots. Put on a pair of stout leather gloves for this job. Start by raking the dead leaves from around the plant so you can see all the branches. Now, look for stubs from last year that have died back and rotted, and cut them off at the base. On older plants, there are probably lots of thick dead canes; these should be cut off at the ground.

We use a Felco pocket-sized folding pruning saw for this job. Now take a good sharp bypass pruner Felco 2 is our favorite to cut off any branches that are lying along the ground. Any stems smaller than a pencil should be removed. Now you can clean out all the dead leaves and weeds from underneath.Now, cut the main canes down to about half.

You want to leave only the straightest, healthiest canes, and they should be no more than a foot to 18 inches tall. Make your cuts just above good, healthy, outward-facing shoots, cutting on an angle just above the shoot. The outward-facing shoots will become the new main branches, opening up and expanding the plant.

Make sure you make your cuts below anything dead or rotten. The cut end should be green and healthy-looking, without a brown center. A good rule is to cut more and further rather than less. Now you should fertilize with a good rose fertilizer.

A pound or two is enough for one feeding. Just scatter it around under the plant. Next you should spread a little mulch to keep weeds from getting a head start before the rose gets bushy and shades the ground.

We prefer pine bark nuggets for roses because they dry out quickly, since moisture encourages fungus problems with roses. A good haircut right now will make your shrub roses bloom their best. Shrub roses bloom on new growth, and a good pruning and feeding encourages new growth. Now you can enjoy a spectacular show for the rest of the year. By Steve Boehme. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email.

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Knock Out Rose

New orders for Bare Root Roses delivering from January , zone dependant. Click here for seasonal shipping information. Orders and inquiries are subject to delays. Discounts and Delivery Charges applied at the checkout.

The Sunny Knock Out shrub rose offers many benefits: a wonderful citrus fragrance and spectacular blooms.

Knockout Rose Guide: Tips for Growing Knockout Roses

This shrub rose set a new standard in disease resistance with little to no maintenance required. It has stunning flower power that provides an almost non-stop abundance of cherry red, single blossoms. Black spot resistant, drought tolerant and self-cleaning, this rose suits every garden and every lifestyle. Knock Out is one of the most popular landscape rose ever produced. Can be used in many landscape designs, including massed along walkways, in front of dark evergreen hedges, accents in front of the house or around a pool — the options are nearly endless. If you have hesitated using roses in your landscape due to the traditional maintenance required to keep modern hybrid tea roses healthy and disease free, then wait no longer — Knock Out is a rose that will change your mind forever about roses in your garden. Web Site Maintenance: Administrator. Skip Navigation. AgriLife Extension Service. Earth-Kind Roses.

Now Is the Time to Prune Roses

The classic rose has long been loved for its aroma and looks. However, it can be quite a diva when it comes to care, demanding plenty of fertilizer, water, and sunlight. Not so for the shrub rose. It combines all of the best characteristics of roses into a beautiful, low-maintenance plant.

For an immediate impact, plant 3 gallon Double Knockout roses. They've already been blooming for several years, so you get immediate color!

Knock Out®

Drift roses were created in response to increased consumer demand for smaller, everblooming plants. These plants fit a special niche in the shrub rose market. Drift roses are a cross between full-size ground cover roses and miniatures. From the former they kept toughness, disease resistance and winter hardiness. From the miniatures, they inherited their well-managed size and repeat-blooming nature. The low, spreading habit of Drift roses makes them perfect for small gardens and combination planters.

How to look after roses in autumn

Now is the time to prepare your roses for another growing season. Many gardeners are hesitant to prune landscape roses, fearing they will do something wrong and damage or kill the plants. However, pruning provides several benefits including:. Popular shrub roses that perform well and are widely used in Nebraska landscapes include older, traditional cultivars such as 'The Fairy', 'Frau Dagmar Hastrup', 'Harison's Yellow', 'Seafoam', 'Meidiland' and 'Hansa'. The "Buck" roses, developed by Dr. Griffith Buck, former professor at Iowa State University are also primarily shrub roses. All of these rose series feature lower maintenance, greater disease resistance and increased winter hardiness along with their beautiful flowers. English roses, such as the David Austin series, are also considered shrub roses.

Here's as easy to read page on pruning rose bushes, particularly shrub roses such as Knockout and Carefree Delight. Know when to prune roses and how to.

How to grow "Knock Out" Knock Out Roses

Knock Out Roses have a well-deserved reputation for being trouble-free, easy to grow and resistant to the usual troublesome rose diseases and problems that rose-lovers have dealt with for centuries. There are seven varieties of Knock Out Roses, and they are all low-maintenance shrub-type plants. Once-a-year tough love pruning and a little Rose Tone fertilizer is pretty much all they require to look their best and provide nonstop color from late spring until hard frost. Climbing roses are different from shrub roses and need different care to be successful.

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This shrub is a perfect choice for those who want a profuse bloomer in their landscape. Along with its beauty, these rose bushes are known for their durability. If you need a stunning rose shrub for your home or business, you should choose the Pink Knock-Out rose. From spring to late fall, you will enjoy the look of these pink blossoms.The medium pink blooms against its dark green foliage provide a fantastic contrast in your garden.

Roses can be intimidating for many gardeners. After all, roses, in their seemingly infinite variety, attract the most ardent flowering plant enthusiasts, bolstered by an enormous body of literature full of detailed advice about how to best grow and care for these ancient and treasured blooms.

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The three primary purposes of pruning are to remove damaged and unwanted canes, promote optimum blooming and reduce size of the plant, if needed. Roses are best pruned before the new foliage emerges so that you can easily assess winter damage. Winter mulch and foam covers should be removed as soon as new growth becomes apparent.

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